We believe research and investment are fundamental to creating innovative products

Technology Roadmap

Salom delivers innovative solutions by researching 4 technology areas that are core to all psu (adapter and charger) designs. This enables us to understand the benefits and trade-offs of such new technologies and ensure that the most valued can be adopted, often in strategic alignment with our customers. For instance, due to our vertical integration, new materials technology can be utilised in our transformer and other component designs, or new components such as wide bandgap GaN FET can be utilised on our product designs. We are also committed to collaboration with technology partners that complement this plan.


R&D Ecosystem

In support, Salom has also invested in an industry leading R&D eco-system that includes a full EMC testing facility comprising a 3m fully anechoic chamber, a fully shielded chamber and comprehensive high quality test equipment and tools .
This facility has been specially constructed to support our R&D teams with EMI testing to CISPR22 (EN55022) and CISPR14-1 (EN55014-1) including;

1. Conducted continuous disturbance voltage testing (150KHz-30MHz)
2. Conducted continuous disturbance power testing (30MHz-300MHz)
3. Radiated emission testing (30MHz-1GHz)

We are one of the few power supply companies that has made this significant investment which is critical to fully understand the performance of a power solution with regards to safety compliance and efficiency, especially when pushing the limits of energy density and smallest size which often demand even higher performance. As a consequence, Salom power solutions can meet and exceed all mandatory and voluntary energy efficiency standards, such as DOE-VI and the European Code of Conduct on Efficiency of External Power Supplies (CoC) .