Leverage our global distribution network to accelerate your brand’s growth and recognition.

We can help you break into new markets with less risk.

Looking to expand your brand’s accessory sales by working with   a distribution partner? We are always looking to help bring new and innovative brand products to the market. Our global network can help you break into and support new markets without the inventory risk. We treat brands with the care and respect demanded of OEM suppliers.

Regions we cover include the US, Canada, India, China, Rest of Asia, LATAM, Europe, Middle East. Let’s get started!

Distribution Solutions

Effective channel management is critical to brand integrity and long-term sales growth. With numerous sales offices around the world, Salom has global reach with a local touch. This global presence helps us keep tight control over distribution to ensure clean supply chains in markets we represent.  Maintaining strong distributor relationships are integral to long-term sales success.

Global markets means regulatory complexity. Salom has successfully navigated safety and regulatory hurdles in the regions we cover for decades. We can handle the homologation and qualification challenges presented by international sales.

We reach customers using focused marketing that drives high intent purchasers to our products and builds brand trust. Reviews, consumer feedback, ad monitoring, and competitor analysis is used to better understand our target customer and refine our marketing strategy. This process is used to continually improve and streamline campaigns. We work to align our marketing with your brand’s identity to ensure our message is always on brand and amplifies the image you’ve carefully built.

Few things are more damaging to a brand than counterfeit sales. Beyond the lost revenue opportunities, inauthentic product harms customer confidence in your brand, hurts pricing power, and can damage listings with negative reviews and feedback. Salom is familiar with fighting counterfeit sales and has successfully cleaned up retail and online markets for brands we distribute globally improving sales and brand presentation.

Different markets present different consumer needs and realities. Salom has developed solutions to turn warehousing into potential merchandising opportunities through kitting. This allows for additional inventory flexibility and consumer options which can be tailored to the preferences of local markets.

As a global licensee for Motorola Mobility, Salom understands the importance of brand reputation. Customer service is a critical touch point in the consumer experience from a brand loyalty perspective. We’ve built a strong customer service network to support our global sales and ensure that post-purchase customer experiences are positive for the brands we represent. A smooth warranty process and friendly, knowledgeable support build trust and loyalty with consumers.