We design and build power accessories
for some of the world's foremost technology brands.

Why work with Salom as a Power Supplier?

We are a leading global power solutions manufacturer and a trusted partner to many Fortune 100 electronics companies, having supplied billions of power products over our 44 year history. You can find Salom products in most households and offices across the world, quietly powering numerous consumer, medical and enterprise products.
Salom is at the forefront of power supply design and manufacturing and for over 40 years has maintained long term valued customer relationships. Learn more
Salom values the long standing relationships we have with our customers which are built on trust earned through decades of ethical business operation. Learn more
Custom design is at the heart of our product offering. We can provide innovative and unique solutions that stand out from the rest of the market. Learn more
In order to stay ahead in the market we are constantly investing into R&D. Salom delivers innovative solutions by researching 4 technology areas that are core to all power adapter and charger designs:
  • Materials
  • Environmental
  • Topology
  • Smart Power
As a world leading provider of high quality psu solutions with a commitment to reducing waste and driving down costs, Salom has a long history with both LEAN and Six Sigma programs. Learn more
Salom factories are ISO9001 /14001 and OHSAS 18000 certified. We have also received ISO13485 certification for the manufacture of medical devices and are Apple approved for manufacture of MFI lightning cables. Learn more
We take the environmental impact of our operations very seriously. We always strive to exceed requirements and minimize our waste. Learn more
We realize the importance of local contacts to provide accurate and timely support. We currently have 12 sales and manufacturing sites across the world with plans to expand further. Learn more
A strong supply chain is critical to the success of your brand.
Salom has the capacity and expertise to develop and manufacture power solutions to help your brand succeed. We believe in safety, quality, and reliability and view our track record as a testament to these values.
Motorola TurboPower 5000 with Moto G7

Salom and Motorola- a storied partnership

Our manufacturing expertise and commitment to quality and reliability as a manufacturing partner have been the foundation of Salom’s growth. A great example of this is our long term partnership with Motorola.

Salom has been a trusted charger supplier to Motorola for over 30 years producing more than 600 million Motorola power supplies. Since 2016, we’ve been their Exclusive Global Licensee for Wall Chargers- an agreement since expanded to include car, portable, and wireless chargers.