Salom is at the forefront of power supply design and manufacturing
and has maintained long term valued customer relationships for over 40 years.

From working with new start-ups to globally recognized and respected brands, we are one of the leading power supply manufacturers world-wide. From inception, Salom has maintained a high degree of vertical integration enabling us to ensure quality, cost and service remain core priorities whilst building expertise in key related elements of our business;

  • Design Over 50 full time design engineers comprising electrical, mechanical and product approbation (safety approvals)
  • Materials In house design and production of key components such as transformers, cables, connectors and housings
  • LEAN Manufacture Complete in house production capability with continuous investment in new equipment, automation and elimination of waste
  • Quality Systems Manufacture to established WW QA standards with internal auditing team to monitor and drive continuous improvement.

To cut both lead-time and costs, Saloms vertically-integrated production processes mean we self-produce 70% of the components required, including bare copper wire, PVC shrouds, transformers and other metal components including associated in-house tooling. These are used in advanced assembly processes from PCB assembly with the latest SMT and AI facilities through to fully automated lines. Salom consequently has the capacity to manufacture more than 14 million power supplies monthly which are then distributed through our worldwide sales network.

Our expertise and success in design and manufacture for high volume ensures focus on optimum cost and quality in all projects and our strategic investment program maintains flexibility to meet any challenge, be it a low volume highly customized solution to high volume …or anything in between.